Plant Breeding

Plant photoperiodism is the physiological reaction of plants to the relative lenths of light. It should be divided as the long-day plants and short day plants and day neutral plants. Long day plants mostly grow in the late spring or early summer. Short-day plants flower when the  length of the night exceeds their photoperiod. New Genetic Engineering Techniques or breeding techniques will enhance the development of new trials in plant breeding. New breeding techniques involved in the changes in one or two genome DNA base sequencing. Different methods involved are Modifying and editing the genome during the repair process, transferring a gene from an identical species, adding a set of regulatory instructions from the same species and unaltered plant grafting onto a genetically modified stem plant, changing of base-pairs in a genome.

  • Modern Plant Breeding Techniques
  • Plant breeding in organic agriculture

  • Hybridization
  • Polyploidy

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